Virtual reality and unbelievable impressions!!!

The games by Trans-Force are equally absorbing for players in all age brackets – from 5 and older! The game library includes exploration, combat, sports and even educational missions, as well as interactive excursions and trips. Each participant in the game is immersed into a virtual world, can change the course of events, earns points, gets charged with vigor and positive impressions!

Cold Planet 2

Cold planet

Glitch planet

Ocean Planet

Open space 2

Open space


Volcano planet 2

Volcano planet

Combat Missions

The missions are intended for visitors aged 8 and older. You have to destroy all hostile objects and creatures (robots, cyborgs, numerous mechanisms, etc.). Each participant's rating will be displayed when a mission is complete. Fight on and find out the best one!!!

Happy Land

Robot, Masha and Nibblers

UnHappy Planet

Kids' Rides

The rides are intended for children aged five and older. The objective of the game is to destroy all the targets and to collect as many bonus objects as possible.

Back to the Past

Flight to the Moon

Educational Trips

Educational trips will take the travelers to various continents, epochs and galaxies. Forcik the Robot will serve as a virtual guide. Look out! Numerous perils, adventures and discoveries await you!!!